An Epistle To A Rare Friend.

Happy birthday my pretty damsel, here's what I've got for ya! I don't intend sending a ritualistic birthday text containing beautiful wishes as others may, but I feel it's expedient to write this to you on your birthday-you are a rare specie. Esther, you taught me to love myself, you helped me understand what the... Continue Reading →


What I learnt from the pawpaw tree.

Beyond being a host for fruits that contains vitamins as well as enzymes that aids digestion, the pawpaw tree has taught me some lessons. When you carefully look at this tree, you'd discover it has a lot of beautiful scars. Now, as the tree keeps growing and as the leaves fall off, they leave some... Continue Reading →

Your Best Makeup glow is here…

Princessglow is set to give you the best makeup that suits your face. You can trust us to handle your makeup for weddings, birthdays, dinner and any other event. We provide that elegant look via professionalism. Here's a brand whose services you can trust as prices are affordable. You can contact us on any of... Continue Reading →


Something significant happened some days back that I almost broke down in tears. It's indeed so painful how some young children are lead into 'slavery' with, or without their parents' consent. A couple of days back, I was on my way to┬ámy house, I just closed from work and of course, I was both tired... Continue Reading →

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